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When the opposites attract!

Shortlisted Entry #2
Written By Ratika Rana 26/09/2017
It begun when I did a lot of binge eating under the sheets of my "cheat days" and I told myself that I need to get back to healthy eating. I got up, looked straight into the mirror and asked the Almighty for some healthy snacking.

Then, almost like a Ginnie coming out of Alladin's chirag, a miracle happened, my so called gym-mate-cum-evening snack buddy called up to inform me about this health kitchen, Bon Nourriture! Healthy eating has always signified protein shakes, salads and sprouts, maybe. Being straightforward enough, it was a no no from my side. But the creepy bug of inquisitiveness stung me again and I zomato-ed this ‘Bon Nourriture’.
Bon Nourriture is going to be the next hotspot for fitness freaks, eh? But close your eyes and relish that deliciousness that'll help your abs come out faster and also get you enough nutrients for your dream biceps. 

Some reviews of the ones I had recommended to go and experience would lure you further, I suppose.

"Extremely mouth watering food with phenomenal presentation and the correct calorie count"-Harry

"The snacks I have now actually are becoming my pathway to having a good ripped body"- Jatin Sharma

"The food helps me fit into my purani jeans without making my legs sweep the treadmill. Gym, health, delicious food"-Shweta Rana

"It's a bliss of life to eat without worrying that this food would add another 50 gms in my body weight"- Sudiksha Sharma

"Healthy eating is no far flung dream anymore! Thank you Bonn Nourriture for accompanying my favourite cottage cheese with brown rice and exotic veggies that you top with the deadly salsa sauce"-Navkirat

So as more of my calories burn and lesser are taken in, I realize why my Physics teacher always insisted on- ‘opposites attract’!

After all, yummy food and healthy eating have never been in love till the last century!
Heaven's sake, they offered everything that the bulge in my body had nightmares about; veggies hadn't been happening unless the breakfast menu of this kitchen gave me an insight into what their veggie bliss would offer. But the non-vegetarian in me revolted and ordered the Spanish Omelettes instead. And if you prefer a bowl full of the enriching fruits for your breakfast meal, they offer you an escape with their glorious fruit punch breakfast.

Mushroom Risotto for the vegetarian lot and Chicken Risotto for the not so green loving people or an Italian treat would be a great appetizer for the hard worker you who lands in for some quick lunch.

Plus, you have the liberty to choose from 9 mouth watering salad choices, now I leave the names in dark for you to discover.

They offer everything that you and I, the very health conscious generation look forward to. Now before you ask me the next question of how much fat or calories you should take and how you'd keep a check on that, an answer for that too, so all you ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls out there, the menu that you would be looking at would also warn you against the carbs and calories you would gulp in with your favourite dish plus the protein to make you happier too. 

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