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United We Stand- Reminders by UCB

Shortlisted Entry #13
Written By Hinal Kotak 29/09/2017
I re-watched the ad on YouTube. I was fascinated by the creativity with which the ad was created. The curiosity in me made me search for other ads that the brand had come up with. There was this #UnitedbyHalf ad campaign that shows that how in a generation where women have reached Everest, we still fight for the equal half. Let’s fight for our right, fight for equal half for ourselves and others. Let’s make “gender bias” a thing of past.
August 15, 2017: For Hindus, it was Janmashtami. For Indians, it was Independence Day. For me- an Indian Hindu, it was more of a public holiday- one day when I can afford to wake up at my own time, binge watch my favorite shows and fill my tummy with delicious food. So, I was engrossed in watching TV, when an advertisement by UCB caught my attention. It took me down the memory lane, vividly bringing back to life some moments which were almost dead.

One after the other, the scenes flashed. Angry faces. Frightened eyes. Cruel hearts. Innocent souls. Furious screams. Helpless cries. Godhra massacre. Gujarat riots.
I went on to watch the next video in feed. #UnitedByPlay portrays one thing that ties us all by a single thread- Cricket. Yes, all of us are glued to the idiot box when Sachin comes to bat. All of us burst crackers after India wins against Pakistan. All of us gather on the street to play cricket.
It struck to me that how most of the times, we forget that we are Indians. We forget that we are humans. The Lord we pray, the sect we follow, the state we were born in, the language we speak, the color of our skin are some factors out of hundred others that define who we are. And the irony is that, somewhere in all these chaos, we forget who we truly are, what we actually stand for.

#UnitedByFaith serves as a timely reminder of the fact that humanity is the biggest religion. This short film follows a day in the life of an old man from Lucknow, India. The heartwarming story depicts how we are held together by Faith.
The crux is- sometimes, all it takes for a melting pot to turn into a blazing furnace is a mere spark, especially in a country like ours, where multiple faiths co-exist and cross paths every day.
Benetton, you touched my heart. Cheers!


“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying”. The aphorism stands true to the tenacity of Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm, who has embraced the struggle and has proved his valiance.
Vijay and his brainchild Paytm, have an exceptional journey. 

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