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TVF- A revolution in Entertainment-
TV is dead, Stories are not

Shortlisted Entry #11
Written By Ishita Gandhi 29/09/2017
TVF, It's not on TV, it's on TVF
Founder & Group CEO, The Viral Fever & TVF Media Labs, Arunabh Kumar said in an interview with Forbes, “I observed that there seems to be a big population and demand for better and progressive content which nobody is catering to. So I thought why not try and make something for them.”
TVF Pitchers
Considering the young generation who barely watch TV, it's time we came to accept the fact that TV is dying. This has affected our view on online digital space. India’s digital space is packed with original and fresh content as India is reaching towards web series. Slowly Indian web series are replacing formulaic saas-bahu soaps on television as people prefer to watch web series than the 3-5 year long going soaps that show unbelievable content with the same thing again and again.

When it comes to web series, TVF is the pioneer to bring this change of original web content. TVF- The Viral Fever is the online digital entertainment channel which reaches out to the younger generation where we can find the content very relatable. TVF covers topics such as Indian politics, movies, lifestyle and social concepts in their videos.TVF has more than two and a half million subscribers on YouTube. TVF has produced many record-breaking web-series like Pitchers, Permanent roommates, Tripling, Barely Speaking with Arnub, Humorously and many more. In due course of time, it took the online industry by storm. TVF was also the sole representative from India at the International YouTube Fan Festival, 2013. Did you know that previously this year, there were only two Indian shows in IMDB Top 250 shows, and both are from TVF- Pitchers at No. 22 and Permanent Roommates at No.174. This shows the potential of Indians to grow in this crazy competitive American dominated entertainment community.
TVF Pitchers is India’s only show rated higher than FRIENDS and House Of Cards whereas Permanent Roommates is India’s first web-series to cross 50 million views and counting. What makes TVF so unique is not its records but also its idea of promoting movies through creativity, originality and relatable content. Their stories portray the real world where people are not all ideal and yes they do mistakes.

Except for its original shows, it also has some of the improvised series which are called Qtiyapa shows where they feature parodies of popular Indian TV series. Some of these videos feature Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Anurag Kashyap, Ayushmann Khurana, Ali Zafar and political figures like present Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

As TVF title says ‘TV is dead, our stories are not’. It is a Viral fever which is getting higher day by day. It plays a vital role in changing the dynamics of entertainment in India.

And…Don’t Forget It's not on TV, it's on TVF.

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