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The Seven Brand-ver-Tisement(s)

Shortlisted Entry #15
Written By Rishabh Mehta 30/09/2017
Advertising has always been an area where marketers go whack- they explore product positioning the sales guys would never have thought of and in the process sneak in their own creativity- a social message, a hilarious pun and a satire on themselves or a full masala semblance of a Bollywood movie.

So here goes, in the endless list of lists that list best advertisements of a particular season/genre/product/time; this is a list of brands that have always been known for their quirky advertisements.

The list will be too long so I have taken only the best few- and considered video adverts for the purpose of this list.

Although at the beginning, a disclaimer- top seven is a relative term. There will be an ad you will like more than me and there will be an advert I will like more than you.
1. Fevicol

This one is probably on the top of the list, right from the fish catcher to the overcrowded bus to the groom dreaming of running off with Katrina Kaif and not to miss the one where Fevicol shows you the strong bond between two families.
Here, have a look. Smile a little.
4. Coca Cola

“O kanchi thanda matlab, Coca Cola”. There was a time when world cup was not just to watch cricket matches, but also to look for creative of sponsor companies to woo you with their ads. Amir Khan left an undeniable impression in this with the famous Coca Cola series of ads he featured in. Who can forget the “o kanchi thanda matlab coca-cola ad.” Soft drinks are usually referred to as thanda in traditional Indian households.  Coke picked up on that and Coca Cola became the new synonym for a synonym. Talk about inception.
5. Tide

Tide is an iconic brand when it comes to advertising that hits you just like the fresh taste of mint in your mouth. Its weird and wacky ads lasted long in the minds of the audience, making the brand soon a serious contender to Surf Excel, which also took some lead with its ad sequences. But Tide had set a different bar altogether, as you can see below.
2. Idea

Yes, you have every right to be irritated with the “Get Idea”, but come on, you got to love the spirit. And you did love the “youre my pumpkin, hunny bunny.”

Idea evolved as a socially responsive brand only because of its advertisements. The one where they suggest to finish the name discrimination and use mobile numbers to identify people, or the one where the overpopulation of the country is hilariously attributed to the electricity scarcity. Mind it, nobody saw Idea in the same league ever after that. It had carved a place forever in the minds of audiences as the socially responsive brand, even though just in its adverts. Here’s some.
6. Mentos

Dimag ki Batti Jali? Well now it should. Mentos is another quirk in the world of adverts that last forever. It created quite a fan following with its witty yet well thought out adverts. Call it a smartass, but Mentos did achieve what it set out with this and some more.
7. Fast-track 

This will qualify as new kid in the block entry. Yes, you may slam me for ignoring many originals and putting this on the list, but this one deserved it. Fast Track has kept tech savvy, devil-may-care youth in the focus for its adverts. Add to it a heavy sultry undertone, and lo, you got your audience right where you want them. It may not be a legend yet, but it is on the way.
Here’s one of their first few runs.
3. Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement rose to the advertising hall of fame with its famous “bhaiya ye deewar tut-ti kyu nahi hai” campaign, which shows two brothers trying to break a wall between them. The ad was brilliant- in a time where joint families were a fading trend and yet desirable- Ambuja cement hit the cord and set the brand message clear as well. Although their icon will always be the guy holding a building which just makes you say “is cement me jaan hai” every time you see it.

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