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  Speaking a language is about connection, not perfection

Shortlisted Entry #8
Written By Swati Rastogi 28/09/2017
Why learn another language? A lot of people have this question in mind. If you are at all curious about the world beyond your own day to day routine, speaking French (or any other language besides your native tongue) can upgrade your life by increasing opportunities for career, living, travel, adventure, friendship and love. The more languages you speak, the bigger your world becomes.

You can learn to speak another language, no matter your age or educational background; maybe you will never be mistaken for a native speaker but you will be able to communicate and that is what languages are for. Remember, speaking a language is about connection, not perfection.

Have you ever thought of learning French language? Are you facing the problem of pronouncing French words correctly even after hearing the voice of a native French speaker? Do you think that native French speakers speak very fast? Do you find it difficult to catch hold of the pace at which they are speaking? Keeping these problems in mind I have created a blog FrenchConnect to solve these problems of French language learners. Though I was a topper in French in Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University, I too faced the same problems being from a non-French background.

I got this idea for my blog because of my own experience when I did my 3 years advanced diploma in French from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University. Being from a non-French background, when I used to watch French videos of a particular native French speaker, I found it very difficult to catch hold of the pace at which they were speaking. Same way when I read some information in French, I had to check the meaning of many words in the French-English dictionary- which used to take a lot of time.
So I thought of creating a blog in which all the information about France is given in both the languages-French as well as English. Assuming that English is widely spoken and my readers know English, I have written the content not only in French language but also translated in English simultaneously so that my readers don’t have any problem in comprehending what I have written in French.
Through this blog of mine, I will teach my readers/viewers: reading, writing, listening and speaking in French through videos, images and audios that will help stimulate their imagination and bring out the creativity in them. The uniqueness in the videos which I have created is that I am discussing news, French grammar, French vocabulary, French expressions at a slow pace so that my viewers can clearly understand every word and sentence that I am speaking. I have created these videos keeping in mind that my viewers are from a non-French background. I am sure these videos will definitely ease the problems of my viewers and will help them learn French quickly.

I will also give a little information about French literature, French paintings, art, culture and renowned French writers. I have even written essays and articles in French which I have translated in English. These will improve the writing skills of my readers. My blog will be giving information regarding the famous dishes of French people and I will also give the recipes of some dishes. I even want my readers to know that I can create websites, translate them from French to English and English to French with the highest level of accuracy.

Beginner or advanced learner, traveller or business professional with a tight schedule? There is something for everyone in my blog.


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