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Shortlisted Entries-
Story Writing Competition

  1. An inspiring marketing campaign- Dabur massage marathon
    Dabur is one of India’s prominent and leading FMCG Companies. It has a quality and experience built over a very strong period of 125 years. It is one of the most trusted brands in India concerning Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care. Dabur Recently Conducted a Limca Book of Guinness Record event in a metropolitan city, Chennai.
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  1. When the opposites attract!
    It begun when I did a lot of binge eating under the sheets of my 'cheat days' and I told myself that I need to get back to healthy eating. I got up, looked straight into the mirror and asked the Almighty for some healthy snacking.
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  1. Kunzum Cafe
    “One day, over homemade dosas at a friend’s place, the idea of the Kunzum Travel Café was born. We did the math and realized our downside would only be the raw material cost of the coffee, tea and cookies. We were anyway running the space as a gallery with staff which was trained to make coffee. The café did not have any additional overheads.”
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  1. ‘Internet ko kaam pe lagao’ – By GoDaddy
    Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have the aspiration to expand your business and leave imprints in the minds of your customers, Well, GoDaddy, the US-based web hosting company dedicated to small and independent ventures, may just be apt for you as it comes out with their India-specific brand campaign ‘Internet ko kaam pe lagao’ or ‘Make the internet work for you’.
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  1. Food stalls of North Campus- Delhi University
    North campus in Delhi University has found the solution to your craving for eating out or for that matter, your daily hunger with numerous cafés and restaurants in Hudson lane and food and juice stalls in front of SRCC and on the way to Vishwavidyalaya metro station.
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  1. Cricbuzz : Cricket ka keeda
    Before I share my thoughts on the advertising campaign of Cricbuzz, let me begin by sharing a secret about myself. This is one of those secrets that will definitely either a) get the jaw drop reaction from everyone around me or b) the eyeroll that says, “We do not know you anymore.” So here goes: I don’t care about cricket at all. And yet, here I find myself, trying to pin-point that “something” in these Cricbuzz ads that have got everyone’s attention, including the likes of me.
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  1. Eyetex Dazzler
    When it comes to advertisements, most of the viewers are not only impatient, but now many are armed with ammunition to skip them altogether: the fast forward option. Therefore, creating an ad that not only gets the viewer’s undivided attention, but in fact, makes them rewind and watch it again is not a cakewalk. An ad that connects so deeply with its simple yet brilliant thinking deserves worthy credit. Here, I make a tiny contribution to the credit of that campaign by sharing it on this platform.
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  1. Speaking a language is about connection, not perfection
    Why learn another language? A lot of people have this question in mind. If you are at all curious about the world beyond your own day to day routine, speaking French (or any other language besides your native tongue) can upgrade your life by increasing opportunities for career, living, travel, adventure, friendship and love. The more languages you speak, the bigger your world becomes.
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  1. An advertising campaign which left an impact on me
    Every ad-man will nod in unison to the fact that restraints for them are unavoidable ogres which come in all possible shapes and sizes. Be it restraints pertaining to budget, length, characters, artistic license, time slots or locations - their inevitability is often assumed than expressly communicated. The only thing which is unbounded for an ad-man is his creativity and intuition. A story needs to be delivered on a platter within the boundaries of restraints.
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  1. Sagar Gaire Sandwich
    The serene beauty of nature, the calm of the lake, company of loved ones and a Sagar Gaire sandwich in hand, there is nothing more a true Bhopali can ask for. Sagar Gaire also known as Cycle Soup Wala is the story of a man, his hard-work, determination and thrive for success. Dolraj Gaire is surely a man of high spirits. Born in Nepal to a poor farmer and living his childhood in extreme poverty, Gaire migrated to India at the age of 11. With restraints to earn a living, he started doing odd jobs at Azadpur Sabzi mandi in Delhi till the time he landed at Oswal Agro. But fate had other plans for him. He eventually landed in Bhopal somewhere around 1980s and secured a job which nurtured his hidden talent- his love for cooking.
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  1. TVF- A revolution in Entertainment- TV is dead, Stories are not
    Considering young generation who barely watch TV, it's time we came to accept the fact that TV is dying. This has affected our view on online digital space. India’s digital space is packed with original and fresh content as India is reaching towards web series. Slowly Indian web series are replacing formulaic saas-bahu soaps on television as people prefer to watch web series than the 3-5 year long going soaps that show unbelievable content with the same thing again and again.
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  1. Patanjali Ayurveda Limited
    The Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd also known as simply Patanjali has made its mark in consumer goods industry surpassing all the established and renowned brands in their respective products and become the third largest company in India with only Hindustan Unilever Ltd and ITC ahead of it in the race.
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  1. United We Stand- Reminders by UCB
    August 15, 2017: For Hindus, it was Janmashtami. For Indians, it was Independence Day. For me- an Indian Hindu, it was more of a public holiday- one day when I can afford to wake up at my own time, binge watch my favorite shows and fill my tummy with delicious food. So, I was engrossed in watching TV, when an advertisement by UCB caught my attention. It took me down the memory lane, vividly bringing back to life some moments which were almost dead.
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  1. Paytm-The Indigenous folklore of Vijay
    “Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying”. The aphorism stands true to the tenacity of Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm, who has embraced the struggle and has proved his valiance. Vijay and his brainchild Paytm, have an exceptional journey. With his passion, dedication and determination, he has built a company which is currently valued at over $3bn in the market. After years of his creative thinking and hard work, Paytm became a tangible reality. Paytm, One97's flagship brand, and India's largest fin-tech company with digital goods and mobile commerce platform, has a sincere and steadfast fixity on outstanding customer experience centricity and customer lifetime value.
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  1. The Seven Brand-ver-Tisement(s)
    Advertising has always been an area where marketers go whack- they explore product positioning the sales guys would never have thought of and in the process sneak in their own creativity- a social message, a hilarious pun and a satire on themselves or a full masala semblance of a Bollywood movie. So here goes, in the endless list of lists that list best advertisements of a particular season/genre/product/time; this is a list of brands that have always been known for their quirky advertisements.
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  1. Café of a Tortoise- The king of Tasalli
    This fact is not unknown to anybody in this world that we humans are participants of our life race. The race we don’t want to run in, but still struggling to win and be more like Mr Mukesh Ambani. I clearly and fondly remember my last weekend, the weekend I was waiting for. To be frank Saturdays-Sundays are the days where a person dares to breathe for a moment. And for these two days we pay a heavy price and work like robots for straight five days. On Fridays we scream on the top of our voices “Ache din aane wale hai!” and finally when those golden days are about to come into our lifeless-lives, Bam! We are loaded with the tasks that are to be completed during this very weekend and be approved by the upcoming Monday!
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