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Sagar Gaire Sandwich

Shortlisted Entry #10
Written By Ishika Sharma 28/09/2017
From selling on bicycle to owning his first shop worth a million, it all happened at the same place.  He now owns more than 10 branches of Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner in Bhopal and is sure to take over many more cities with this pace. One of the best things about all these outlets is that all of them have the same taste and quality- a taste so good and cuisines so authentic which is sure to leave an impact on the customers. Some of the must try items of this exotic place are the famous vegetarian sandwich which is a 4 layer sandwich, the refreshing cold coffee, pizza, butter paneer masala, etc. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of dosa, you can find it here or if you are really hungry and want to enjoy home-like food, you can always be sure to opt for a veg thali. The latest addition to the menu is veg roll and Chinese is soon going to embrace the menu as well. Maybe try to change your taste with the wide variety of soups.

Also, with the growing demand and progress, Sagar Gaire now offers home delivery service. This fast food corner was the first of its kind in Bhopal and has still kept to its standards. All this because there was a man of immense courage who decided to step out from the monotony and do something different. He has not only set an example but proved that quality comes above the taste. More power and respect to you Dolraj sir! 
The serene beauty of nature, the calm of the lake, company of loved ones and a Sagar Gaire sandwich in hand, there is nothing more a true Bhopali can ask for. Sagar Gaire also known as Cycle Soup Wala is the story of a man, his hard-work, determination and thrive for success. Dolraj Gaire is surely a man of high spirits. Born in Nepal to a poor farmer and living his childhood in extreme poverty, Gaire migrated to India at the age of 11. With restraints to earn a living, he started doing odd jobs at Azadpur Sabzi mandi in Delhi till the time he landed at Oswal Agro. But fate had other plans for him. He eventually landed in Bhopal somewhere around 1980s and secured a job which nurtured his hidden talent- his love for cooking. Along with that he learnt some decent management skills. After a few years, he quit his job and started selling soup on his own bicycle. That was certainly a major risk that Dolraj took. Despite the constant taunts and comments, he did not lose his faith in his talent. Dolraj first used to roam about the streets but later decided to stay at one place and sell his soup. He chose the 10 no. market as he could find more people and also students there due to the presenc of coaching centres. He soon became popular and was known as cycle soupwala. He then added on the famous Sagar Gaire sandwich to his menu which is now the favourite taste of almost every Bhopali.

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