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Kunzum Cafe

Shortlisted Entry #3
Written By Ayush Srivastav 26/09/2017
“One day, over homemade dosas at a friend’s place, the idea of the Kunzum Travel Café was born. We did the math and realized our downside would only be the raw material cost of the coffee, tea and cookies. We were anyway running the space as a gallery with staff which was trained to make coffee. The café did not have any additional overheads.” This is what Ajay Jain had in mind when he decided to open the now wildly popular, Kunzum Travel Café.
You could carry your laptop and work in there and nobody will disturb you. Music is soft and the place is absolutely recommended for people who are more interested in talk rather than the food. The vibrant atmosphere in the cafe, with lots of people from different countries and of all age groups, is an absolute treat for all those who love to travel and want to share their experience and views about different aspects of travel. And this is NOT the best part about this place. The best part about the Kunzum Cafe, founded by Ajay Jain, a traveler, blogger and an entrepreneur is that you can pay as you like. You are not at all obliged to pay anything. This is the unique value proposition this travel cafe offers, and what gets its customers hooked.   
A serene impulse takes over your senses as soon as you enter the picturesque café. The walls are adorned with pictures from all over the world which make you want to pack all your stuff and go out backpacking. The small stools and the wooden tables beautifully render an ethnic ambience to the whole setting. The colorful walls, postcards and travel stories of numerous people as sticky notes transcend you long away from your hectic life. No matter you are happy or in a pensive mood, this place will be a perfect companion for you in both the occasions.
A laidback place in the midst of much more expensive cafes which come to life at night in Hauz Khas, Kunzum offers much more than that. A perfect place to relax, introspect, think, fantasize, meet people, interact, gossip, study, work, listen, sing or any kind of activity for which you need some space can be done in this cafe and nobody is going to ask you to leave. It's one of those places which make you think about how innovative can some places be, how sharing and selflessness can amaze people sometimes and still be a good way to earn some money. You pay as you like, sit as you like and do as you like. 
See you there soon!
Kunzum Cafe offers loads of travel books, magazines, travelogues, coffee, music, cookies and free Wi-Fi as a cherry on the top. What else does one need?

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