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  Food stalls of North Campus- Delhi University

Shortlisted Entry #5
Written By Palak Goel 27/09/2017
North campus in Delhi University has found the solution to your craving for eating out or for that matter, your daily hunger with numerous cafés and restaurants in Hudson lane and food and juice stalls in front of SRCC and on the way to Vishwavidyalaya metro station. The stalls provide a wide range in affordable prices and at the same time cafes and restaurants fulfill your need if you are a foodie or love some exotic cuisine.
She was mesmerized with the food there. It was prepared with cleanliness and quality was also good. Further when the bill was to be paid she found that the rates were quite reasonable. She especially loved the Chocó lava shake of 'Little Heart'.

Later she found that it was a common practice in stalls in that area. They were clean and provided quality with reasonable rates and that was the reason they were preferred by students there. She is now quite excited to try chai from the tapriwala in front of SRCC. She has found out that tapriwala has a huge crowd in the evening after the classes are over. She has overcome her hesitation in eating from these stalls. She also found that the rates in the cafes and restaurants are quite high as they cater to different cuisines and have an established name.

The budget of a student does not allow him/her to go to these restaurants and have food their on a daily basis. Hence, these stalls provide tasty and hygienic foods that too on low rates. 
Ashi is a student at Daulat Ram College and hails from Madhya Pradesh. At first she found it odd that the stall had a huge customer base even after they are like any stall in her hometown where people generally avoid such stalls and prefer restaurants. They found the stall to be unhygienic or open or had low quality of food. And here stalls had more customers than restaurants. Even her friends preferred stalls. One day she had classes for five hours continuously. Her friends took her to a stall named “Little hut” on the crossroad near SRCC. Firstly she had reservation about the food and eating at stalls but after seeing her friends with she cut out her hesitation and tasted the food.

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