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Eyetex Dazzler

Shortlisted Entry #7
Written By Bhavya Subramaniam 27/09/2017
When it comes to advertisements, most of the viewers are not only impatient, but now many are armed with ammunition to skip them altogether: the fast forward option. Therefore, creating an ad that not only gets the viewer’s undivided attention, but in fact, makes them rewind and watch it again is not a cakewalk. An ad that connects so deeply with its simple yet brilliant thinking deserves worthy credit. Here, I make a tiny contribution to the credit of that campaign by sharing it on this platform.

Eyetex Dazzler: Real cosmetics for Real people

Impact on the viewer:

The ad opens with a bride looking into the mirror. Her friend applies makeup on her, while the bride’s mother looks on, teary eyed. The bride looks radiant, and yet there is something very simple about her.
The bride and the groom start walking towards the altar when the bride suddenly pauses, realising her mother is not with her. The mother walks from behind and takes her daughter’s hand. The bride walks on, flanked by her mother and her husband-to-be. 
Fig.3:  Just as the daughter begins to wonder about her mother, the mother rushes to support her 
The entire ad is conveyed through music and gestures, without the use of a single word, leaving the viewers smiling and awed.
The marketer’s stroke of genius

The marketer has smartly tried to shift the product category (cosmetics) from low to high involvement by enhancing the situational involvement through the ad: the bride is getting ready before her wedding.

By featuring the product with its name among an array of other nameless cosmetic products, the viewer has been made immediately aware of the product.

With the changing trend of Facebook as source of interesting advertisements, opinions, blogs and other lifestyle ideas, propagating the advertisement through social media with attention seeking captions with massive number of likes also drive curiosity to check the page and has been an important source of propagating the advertisement campaign.

With most cosmetics focussing on the ‘glamour’ aspect and being endorsed by celebrities, be it Kareena Kapoor for Lakme Iconic Kajal or Aishwarya Rai Bachhan for L’oreal or Alia Bhatt for Maybelline, the brands appeal on an aspirational level to get that ‘gorgeous’ look. Eyetex Dazzler through this campaign appeals on an emotional level, with the emphasis on real people being ‘beautiful’, making it stand out strikingly against its rivals. 
Fig.1: The mother looks at her daughter, teary eyed
At this point, the handsome groom enters, adoration and admiration in is his eyes. He bends down on his knees to maintain the eye level of the bride who’s sitting in front of the mirror.

And then it hits you like a punch in the gut. The bride is blind.
The groom raises the bride’s hand to his lips and kisses it. He looks at the bride’s mother and gives her an assuring nod, that says, “Don’t worry, mom. I’m there for her.” (Fig.2)
Fig.2: “Don’t worry, mom. I’m there for her.”

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