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  Cricbuzz : Cricket ka keeda

Shortlisted Entry #6
Written By Bhavya Subramaniam 27/09/2017
Before I share my thoughts on the advertising campaign of Cricbuzz, let me begin by sharing a secret about myself. This is one of those secrets that will definitely either a) get the jaw drop reaction from everyone around me or b) the eyeroll that says, “We do not know you anymore.” 

So here goes:

I don’t care about cricket at all. And yet, here I find myself, trying to pin-point that “something” in these Cricbuzz ads that have got everyone’s attention, including the likes of me.
The campaign Cricket ka keeda has successfully captured the element of obsession with Cricket that has always taken over our nation. The format of many of the advertisements in this campaign follow a simple pattern; an opening situation which ideally demands the protagonist’s undivided attention, a supporting character asking the protagonist a simple question and the protagonist’s rather excited response to a cricket update that unfortunately gets misunderstood as a reply to the question. The campaign explores varied themes such as shopping with wife, attending son’s admission interview, buying grocery, interacting with the boss and his extremely attractive wife, entering classroom late, a meeting for an arranged marriage, to name some. My favourite among these is the one wherein the protagonist is shopping in the mall with his wife. The lady, all excited about trying out a slim fit dress steps out of the trial room wearing that dress, and asks her husband his thoughts on the dress (fig.1), and the husband, completely engrossed in cricket through theCricbuzz app, gestures with his hands and comments “Wide” (fig.2).
Realising his blunder, he tries to explain that it was a wide ball in the game, but the damage is done. The wife throws him a disgusted scowl and turns back to the trial room (fig.3).
Fig, 3: The damage is already done
The ‘sticky situation’ the protagonist finds himself in, creates an element of humour so much so that it grabs the viewer’s attention. Going by the AIDA model (A = Attention, I = Interest, D = Desire and A = Action), once the audience’s attention has been gained, interest and desire will to an extent, work out themselves, because of two reasons: a) The connect the ads manage to garner; and b) the passion the nation holds for the game. Timing is crucial, in this case. The campaign would be most impactful at a time when the nation is looking forward to specific matches in the immediate future. With all these elements falling into place, action doesn't remain far behind, translating into the required number of subscribers to the app.

Recreating the humour through different themes based on the same pattern reinforces the message, and the brand in the viewer’s mind. The themes chosen for the campaign bring in male protagonists with different profiles be it a student, a young man about to get married, a married man (probably in his mid thirties), a young man in the boardroom, a father of a small kid, an older man (probably 45+ years of age) about to catch a flight. These different profiles help connect to a broader target audience, and perhaps enable the audience to garner sympathy for each of these dudes who’ll always be under the ailment of the Cricket Ka Keeda.  
Fig. 1: The excited lady seeks her husband’s opinion on the Slim Fit dress
Fig. 2: And that disastrous gesture

Eyetex Dazzler

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