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Café of a Tortoise- The king of Tasalli

Shortlisted Entry #16
Written By Sonika Mathur 30/09/2017
This fact is not unknown to anybody in this world that we humans are participants of our life race. The race we don’t want to run in, but still struggling to win and be more like Mr Mukesh Ambani. I clearly and fondly remember my last weekend, the weekend I was waiting for. To be frank Saturdays-Sundays are the days where a person dares to breathe for a moment. And for these two days we pay a heavy price and work like robots for straight five days. On Fridays we scream on the top of our voices “Ache din aane wale hai!” and finally when those golden days are about to come into our lifeless-lives, Bam! We are loaded with the tasks that are to be completed during this very weekend and be approved by the upcoming Monday!

Did I choose this life? Am I so expert in my field that my company needs me this bad? Or am I the essence of the company, that the company will be shut down if I don’t work for a single day?

But life goes on. Right? Sad part is life still goes on with this sort of obnoxious sweet little things.

But somewhere meddling between the two edges of my life, I recently happen to know about this little café, named as Tasalli Café in Jaipur. The concept is unique. There is some positive vibes which you’ll feel. The tables and the chairs resemble the chairs we used to have in primary school. Back in those days huh? They try to calm your nerves by placing the ice packs (like really cool alien sort ice-goggles) on your eyes and fill your ears with some extremely majestic sounds of nature.
Believe it or not, once you are there you don’t want to even get up. You enter into another world. There are board games on the table, so that you can play with your partners while your order is coming up. They have a pet Tortoise as the resemblance for their café, Tasalli (Patient/calm). There are simple jokes written on the wall. Overall, they have created a small world to calm yourself and stop curing about your boss for the timing. Food is also good. It’s just a start-up café but meeting our needs when you are away from your home.    

When I visited this café it was like a fairy land to me, as I was going through some nerve wrack. And then I realised I’m at a place where I nearly forgot that I use a phone. At this café you forget that you need to click some ‘selfies’ and flaunt them among your friends. This is the where you go for yourself, to be yourself.  

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