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Something called Life
Description of Something called Life

Short stories, I believe, possess the ability of delivering a strong message in few words. With an intention to deliver a message about love, life and relationships through each one of my stories, I have written a collection of few such stories. My stories talk about falling relationships, broken trust, narrow mindsets; but they also talk about the much needed change, about those extreme steps which are sometimes needed to be taken in order to bring everything back to place and also to set things right.

The mother who has to choose between her to-be-born daughter and her husband, the father who is yearning for his son to return to his homeland, the wife who feels her husband does not love her anymore; all the characters are struggling to put together their fallen pieces of life. Will they succumb to their hardships or will they rise and fight back to change things around them, is what unfolds in the various stories.

My idea is not to mock any mindset or thought process, it is to look at the greener side of the fence. Our positive attitude and outlook towards life and relationships can help us overcome a lot of obstacles. I wish my stories can create an impact on my readers and they close the book with a soft heart and a smiling face!

About the Author

Ipsa Arora is an MBA by education, a marketer by profession and a writer by passion. She is always on the lookout to explore and learn from everywhere around her. Her friends call her hyperactive as she is always bloating with energy. She is an entrepreneur and strives to provide marketing services to brands and businesses. She is the founder of Besides that, she is a social media addict and loves to keep herself updated with what is happening around her. Becoming an accomplished writer is her childhood dream and she believes that words are powerful enough to bring a change in the society! She sees positive in every negative and feels that every story should come with a moral.

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