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An inspiring marketing campaign-
Dabur massage marathon

Shortlisted Entry #1
Written By Keerthana 26/09/2017
How it benefitted the participants?

Participants got to understand the goodness and benefits by using Amla for hair and how it nourishes and hydrates the scalp. The event was focused only on women who are the major users of the product. The participants got a rejuvenated experience after the massage. Participants were also willing as the massage was given by professionals and they got to be a part of Limca Record event as well.

How it benefitted the brand – Dabur?

The brand was able to drive in a large number of trials by women at a massive scale in just a day. Chennai being a metropolitan city the news spreaded quickly through various print media and people were aware of the brand and were willing to try the product. This was one of their Below the Line marketing activity. Through this activity the brand proved that it was a leader in the category and the best Champi. It helped the brand drive trial sales and keep the word around the brand alive.

Where else could this be applied?

This could be adopted by other brands to make them get in touch with the consumers. This event provided a high direct interaction with the consumers. Companies in Cosmetics category can adopt this event as a baseline and come up with similar events. It can also be applicable for food industry where the participants can be served a particular dish for a health benefit.

Take away?

The event was successful and entered the Limca Book of World Records for the longest non-stop hair massage session. The event clearly proved that Dabur is the Leader in showcasing the utility of its product by engaging participants in experiencing the massage. This highlights that 'Experience' is the key to reach the hearts of consumers. Dabur used this strategy to carry out the Below the Line Marketing Activity to reach women, a majority of its consumers and reaffirm itself as the master of Massage, with Dabur Amla Hair Oil.
What is the Buzz Around?

Dabur is one of India’s prominent and leading FMCG Companies. It has a quality and experience built over a very strong period of 125 years. It is one of the most trusted brands in India concerning Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care. Dabur Recently Conducted a Limca Book of Record event in a metropolitan city, Chennai. The venue was one of the famous malls in the city, focusing on Women in the city typically about the age 18-30. It was a Limca Book of Records Attempt where Massage was given for a continuous period of 12 hours without any break. Six professional masseuses were at Six stations in the mall and provided head massage with Dabur Amla Hair Oil for a continuous period of 12 hours from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The events were known as Champi Stations. The event had a total of 245 Women from the city, participating in it. The brand Ambassador for Dabur in Tamil Nadu, Sneha was also present at the event to encourage the participants.

What is Idea behind the event?

This was one of a kind 'Champi (Hindi word for Massage) Marathon' which has not happened anywhere else. The event was conducted to provide awareness about the goodness of Amla to the participants. Dabur Amla hair oil is promoted around the key idea that it provides strong and black hair in comparison to any other coconut oil. The idea behind the event was to help women experience the promise of Dabur Amla Hair Oil’s richness of black and strong hair.​ Regular Champi by a good quality hair oil, rather than a normal oil can make hair more black and healthy. Presence of the brand ambassador who is also a famous film star increased the appeal of the event amongst the public. 

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