Up for a coffee and a lot more?

Written By Ratika Rana 03/12/2017
Just walking down the streets of Chandigarh with my best friend on some random morning and finding some good breakfast for ourselves, we stumbled upon this highly exotic place named 'THE WILLOW CAFE' in sector 9!
Posh ambience is the first thing that cages your heart, followed by comfortable seating and goddamn amazing food. The unison of two coffee lovers definitely called in for Cappuccino with some cookies to satiate the bugs in the tummy, for just some time though. So yeah, we clicked, chatted and checked out the menu for a good one hour, because there was so much to choose from.

That omlette was by far the best one I have had till date. Though, I can eat endlessly on a daily basis, but that one thing filled me too much to try anything else. All full and happy, as I paid the bill, the waiter seemed so happy, not for that money, but for the satisfaction he saw on my face! (I asked him the reason for his smile, don't get me wrong)
But to my amazement, he offered me a card and that was when I got to know that it's just NOT The Willow Cafe that these people have. It's a chain that includes 'Bagpackers Cafe', 'Cafe Nomad', 'Dak Bungalow at Whispering Willows' and the 'Orchid Lounge'

In between all this chit chat, we sat silent, just sipping our coffee and enjoying the 'perfectness' of that moment in that little cozy place.
But then again, alarmed by the never ending demands of our stomachs, we rolled our eyes through the omlettes and finally ended up choosing the Dragster omlette which they serve royally with fresh bread, jam and butter, Hash brown potato and grilled tomatoes. Both of us were again back to our college talks, 75% attendance wala rona..and so on, by then, I saw this gentleman getting our tray of food. Seeing that beautiful cooked thing on our table, I swear, I glorified my choices...of food and best friend too (wink)

It's so true that when God gives, he gives in abundance. I mean, Holy Christ, there is so much more for all of us to explore.
I mean places where you can sit and read, chat with your bum chums, work in utter peace and still have the best time are so rare.

I am hopeful of finding you people anywhere at the above mentioned places, real soon...and yes, don't be astonished to find me in The Willow Cafe again, because I'm in a habit of going back to things and places from where the story began.

PS: If you find me eating at some this kinda place with my best friend, just remember, I don't like to share.. neither the food nor the best friend!