Until the sun sets

Written By Ipsa Arora 04/11/2015
To realise your dream and follow it requires courage not everyone can afford to gather quickly in life. But for Arpita Bahl, it was a call from her heart and a quick decision made. Arpita has always been an ardent reader and writer. Her passion found direction when she decided to put her thoughts into words by penning down her first novel Until the sun sets. While writing the novel, she realised the value of her dreams and decided to make a mark in the world of writers. Before her novel hits the market in mid-October, we are ready with few glimpses from the romantic thriller.

for power and money. Powerless to condemn it and forced to be a part of it, Arjun is left with only two confidants who could help him out of the mesh.
Until the sun sets book review
His life takes a turn when he accidently meets Savya and she becomes intertwined with his life. He tries to turn a rigid heart towards her but when destiny plays its part; he finds no escape but to fall in an irrevocable love with her. But their bliss turns into grief when reality overpowers their dreams, shattering them apart. 

Could he stay away from her for long? Was there something that was bringing them together for the one last time? Or was there someone else directing it all? 
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Special thanks to Arpita Bahl for her comments. 

"It was like a signal coming from my heart, to say my story to the world out there. I decided to fulfill my dream and hence, penned down my first novel. I hope it finds a space in every person's life and the audience is enchanted by the magic it unleashes."- Arpita Bahl

Until the Sun Sets is set in the back drop of Delhi. It revolves around the protagonist Arjun Dhanrajgir Rai. He returns from America to find himself stuck in a whirlwind of hunger games

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