Twenty Nine Surprises

Written By Ratika Rana 28/01/2018
So Mumbai is a place where people from different places come in search of roti, kapda and makaan. In other words, everyone wants to make it big in their lives so “Aamchi Mumbai” is the “City of dreams”. But every once in a while, we do need to fall back, take a break, relax and rejuvenate for the next battle scheduled the next day. What better way to recuperate than having the very same meal that you have grown up eating?
Don’t worry if you’re Garhwali, Awadhi, Himachali, Harayanvi, Andhra, Punjabi, Gujju, Manipuri, Kashmiri or Keralite. We have discovered a place that’ll take you back to your good ol’ days.

All in all, best in class restaurant for you to revisit bachpan ki yaadein once again. Don’t worry about your strict diet regimen, everyone has a cheat day, right?

In this fast moving life of this glamour city, you always need times to sit back and think of your strategy ahead, relaxation is as important as work. So some relax by meditating, some by exercising, some by taking long walks and some (like me), by eating.

Sober seating and best in class service to make you comfortable after a tiring day at your office. I promise, you’d come out better than you went in. Good food elevates you to good mood, right?  So they, I mean, Twenty Nine have three outlets in Mumbai, in Malad (west), Thane (west) and Kemps Corner. The peak time is from 1900 hours to 2130 hours and even then, the maximum waiting period is 15 minutes. Quick order, best service and mouth watering food, too good to be true, is it? Nah, it’s actually true. (wink wink)

Ahem! So every reader of this blog is highly recommended to visit this conceptual restaurant soon.

This chain of restaurants named “Twenty Nine” will serve you with authentic food from 29 cuisines of 29 states of Mother India. (No wonder, we call our country Mother and not Father) Okay, so if you’re from the land of five rivers, Punjab and you miss the Rajma Chawal and Chhole Bhature..or a South Indian craving for the Tamarind rice, or a Rajasthani dying for Kachhi Haldi ki Sabzi aur Tukkad or the delightful Jharkhandi Ghugni with Duska or anything for the food matters, name it and they’d prepare it, exclusively for you. In desserts, you can get to choose from the evergreen Jalebi with Rabdi, Mishti Doi, Kesar Malai ke laddoo, Gujrati baked dessert, Phirni and the Goan Nachani Pudding.