The Positive India-because news can also be good

Written By Ipsa Arora & Parina Kalra 23/12/2016
We pick up the newspaper in the morning and find it full of news related to robberies, murders and the like. We switch on the television to know about the happenings in the world and again witness similar kind of negative news. Is this the only kind of news we need to be updated about? Is media only responsible for spreading sad news about the world?
If there is a man ill treating his parents, there is another man serving at old age homes helping the old live a happier life. If there are robberies happening in daylight, there are people donating blankets to make someone’s night cosy. For every tear dropped from a victim’s eye, there are hundred smiles being spread around.

“Every day, in this world 1000 bad things occur and 1000 good things occur. Instead of focusing on 1000 bad, we decided to focus on 1000 good things.” Such is the ideology of team The Positive India who are out on a mission to spread only good news about the country.
With a large number of positive stories already posted on their website, they want each page, each column and each word on their website to spread positivity in the form of good news.
The Positive India
They believe that positive perspective promotes and propagates peace, prosperity, patriotism and plenty other pleasant things. There are thousands of incidents happening in the country daily but they want to highlight only those hundred which are an inspiration to many.
They bring to light stories of unsung heroes who are doing miracles but are not acknowledged much. They talk about stupendous developments in the fields of technology, education, environment, etc. Common people who are doing wonders are appreciated on their platform and hence get the respect they truly deserve.
The Positive India provides us a platform where we can get updated about the positive happenings around the world and feel inspired. It is time for us to leave behind the gloomy news and get biased towards positivity.

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