Places in Delhi serving special menu this Navratra

Written By Ipsa Arora 22/09/2017
Are you fasting during Navratras but are still yearning to eat out? Have you pledged to not drink, eat chicken or onion/garlic for these 7/8 days? We people have become so used to and so fond of eating out that not eating non-veg would work but not eating out wouldn’t. Hitting at the right chord and letting us savour delicacies, restaurants and food outlets have come up with special Navratri menu. We can live our love of eating at new and unique places while doing our good karma of not eating the forbidden items. We list below few places in Delhi which are serving special menu this Navratri:

1. Haldiram’s

Our favourite spot Haldiram’s, like every Navratri season has a special menu this time too. They have a Navratri thali while includes kuttu ki poori, Aloo subzi, pakoras, Makhane ki kheer and what not. Besides, they also have in their menu delicious pakoras and tikkis which you will relish and cherish to the core. We always have an extra pinch of love for Haldiram’s for their Indian taste suiting our taste buds so aptly!

Where: Multiple outlets in the city

2. Sagar Ratna

This popular and one of the most loved South Indian restaurants has introduced special flavours of Navratra. Their menu includes Navratra special idli, dosa and special thali. If you love South Indian food and don’t want to spend 7/8 days without savouring it, step into your nearest Sagar Ratna and enjoy a unique flavour of your favourite dishes. Other items in their menu include Adraki Paneer tikka, Sabudana vada, sabudana Kheer and Buttermilk. Not only this, they are also serving their regular items sans the onion and garlic.

Where: Multiple outlets in the city
3. A Grill Company

They have several unique items in their Navratri menu like a special kuttu base pizza! Had you ever imagined yourself eating a pizza during fasting period? Now you may do so. A pizza cooked rightly as per the standards of the fasting season. They have other items to savour like Aloo and Sabudana coins, Banana chips, Sabudana papad, Khatta Meetha kaddu, Pethe ka halwa and so much more. They are as it is popular for their buffet. This festive season, they have put up a Navratri special buffet in addition.

Where: Sector 32, Noida

4. Punjab Grill

Saying goodbye to their favourite chicken, Punjab Grill has introduced a special Navratri menu. The various items in their list include a majestic thali covering all items of Navratra you will purely love. The thali consist of kuttu ki poori, pakoras, tikki, kheer and everything to make your mouth water only by the name of it.

Where: Multiple outlets in the city
After reading this, you can be sure that your Navratras are not going to be boring and dull, sitting and home and thinking what to eat. Drop in to any of these places and savour the delicacies of this festive season.

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