Love story of a Chef!

Written By Ratika Rana 19/06/2017
Gloomy times become happy and happy times become happier with family, friends and Nik Baker's. After all joys when shared, become even joyous. The week days drain out your energy and leave you lethargic, leaving no scope for any creativity, that is when Nik Baker's should be your aboard offering you a calm and chilly seating with ample privacy for everyone who visits. They offer you the best service keeping in mind the ancient Hindu saying, "Atithi Devo Bhava."
How many times has each one of you been to a new restaurant and come out with unsatisfied taste buds? And how many times has it been that you have been fascinated by love stories? What if I get you a love story with food? It's a love story of Chef Nik after whom Nik Baker's is named. One stop place for you to have main course, drinks and desserts, with this they also give you Belgian Chocolates, chocolate bars, cookies, cream cakes, gift hampers and Turkish Bakalava!

There's no better couple than of a chef and his beloved food and trust me, it's for you all to relish. Celebrations often call in for cakes and then yummilicous food- they offer you your choice. Your eyes would confuse your brain to choose between the delicacies. Waffles with whipped cream and Nutella or Blueberry jam or cream and Belgian Chocolate? American Bagel sandwiches or mutton keema pav? Banofee pie or wicked croissant? There is so much to choose from, what all flavours can our little mouth handle? When a bite of red velvet tips and toes into your mouth, it sweeps you off your feet, the way the cream melts into your mouth, your neurons go for a holiday!
While the outlets are selling their products like hot cakes in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Derabassi, Jalandhar and Ludhiana and now, soon expected to open up in Delhi as well, I don't expect you to say that you haven't visited it yet. A total value for your money, Nik Baker's waits to welcome you, serve you and pamper your tongue.

The ones who have been there would agree that there's no doubt about the food and the ones who haven't been there, your first visit would be an initiation to a lot more. After all, a heavy breakfast to kick start your day or a cup of coffee with an exquisite grilled sandwich or an outing with friends every once in a while makes life worthwhile. See you next at Nik Baker's to witness the intimacy of your love for food!

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