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Written By Ipsa Arora 17/05/2017
BG: Your target segment is new and old mothers and you already have a large customer base. What helped you in winning the trust of these mothers?
Vishal Gupta: Parenting can be a lonely journey especially in a modern, nuclear family set-up in urban areas. Our platform has been helping mothers to share their experiences of bringing up a child within an online community where they can easily relate to others like them. Thus, our platform functions as a virtual sounding board which provides guidance, reassurance and support by aggregating the wisdom of mothers across the country. It acts as a harbinger of hope, inspiration and happiness for mothers. Through their closely-knit and strong network, the mommy-bloggers on mycity4kids help parents to understand the nuances of parenting and learn from their experiences. It encourages them to deal with the challenges that life throws at them during this crucial role through a virtual support system that serves as a highly unbiased, authentic and practical guide to parenthood.

BG: You have services listed in various sectors like sports, education; shopping, etc. do you plan to expand your services? If yes, how?
Vishal Gupta: 
Currently we focus on 0-14 age group & therefore you’ll see an  extensive set of services ranging from Fun places to go, all about birthdays, Education (Schools/ Playschools), Hobbies, Sports, Tuitions, Enhanced learning, Shopping and Health & wellness.
As we forge ahead, we’ll enlarge this age group (from -9 to +14), thereby also focussing on services related to pregnancy, prenatal, maternity, newborn etc.
BG: What is slated for the year 2016 for MyCity4Kids?

Vishal Gupta: We want to be the indispensable mobile platform for Mums. Our vision is to have every Mum in the country use mycity4kids every day. Our expansion plans therefore, are focused on becoming a daily-use product for every mother.  You will see several initiatives in that direction, like the mycity4kids parenting app (which is now available on both android & iOS platform). The objective is to increase the monthly website visits from 3Mn to 5Mn. Also increase the blogger network from 1200 to 5000 mommy bloggers in next one year.
Mycity4kids is 'about your child, around your home'. It is a one stop online marketplace to cater to all information related to kids services. Be it schhol, sports, parties, play dates, they have a solution to all these needs of your child and many others. In an interview with Mr. Vishal Gupta, co-founder and MD, we get to know their idea behind shaping up of mycity4kids, their journey so far, their future plans and more.

BG: For the benefit of our readers, can you please give us a brief about your business and the services you provide?
Vishal Gupta: mycity4kids is the largest content platform for parents and more specifically, Mums, in India.
The content consists of:

The largest Mommy Blogger platform with over 1200 bloggers and 8000 blogs
The largest Discovery platform for kids services and events with more than 75,000 service providers across 9 cities
3 million Mums visit the site every month to consume this content which is a good indicator of how popular the site is at an overall level.
Within this, the most popular content on mycity4kids is the blogs contributed by Mums where they share their stories on the joy and frustration that constitute parenthood. It’s popular because every Mum feels that she’s not alone and that there is someone else, going through exactly the same experience, good or bad, making it a virtual support group for the entire Mum community.
BG: Yours is quite a unique model. What was your motivation behind this?
Vishal Gupta: Modern parenting isn’t easy and the demands it places on parents and more specifically, Mums, can make it quite stressful. From taking decisions on schooling, to what classes to send the kids to, planning holidays to organizing play dates, scheduling daily pick-ups and drops for kids to managing their own careers and home, mothers simply have a lot on their plate to deal with.
We wanted to become the indispensable mobile platform for today’s multi-tasking Mum by giving her access to everything she needs, in one place.

A lot has changed since we were children impacting the flow of parenting knowledge. Nuclear families, moving across cities, working spouses, virtual communities are some examples of this change. The result of all this is that unlike earlier when parenting knowledge flowed vertically from grandparents to parents, we see a shift in that knowledge flow is much more horizontal, with peer group advice from other Mums playing a much larger and more influential role. Our platform facilitates this exchange of knowledge between Mums, thereby ensuring that the job of parenting never overtakes the joy of parenting.

Lastly, as a parent, one is always looking for places to take the kids to – whether it is a weekend outing or heated swimming pools in the Delhi winter. All this content is readily available city-wise on mycity4kids – right from cycling tracks for kids, to bird watching, to top places to visit and so on, making parenting life so much more fulfilling.

BG: Your services are listed in metropolitan and other major cities. What prospects do you see in tier-2 cities of the country? Do you plan to venture there?

Vishal Gupta: Absolutely! Our blogs are already being consumed in Tier 2 & 3 cities, ranging from Guwahati to Cochin, so the mycity4kids brand are getting stronger all the time. We’ll leverage this popularity by opening the listing services in these cities.

BG: Anything you want to add?
Vishal Gupta: 
Our community influencer initiative successfully connects prominent brands to our bloggers’ personal networks. This is a great way of empowering mothers further and mycity4kids platform helps them achieve this feat. We have connected with over 30 brands in the last one year that target mothers like Kellogg’s, Horlicks, Amazon, Quaker, Flipkart, Pampers, Dettol, Dabur, to name a few  through various Content and influencer marketing solutions. It engages mommy bloggers through Brand Advocacy Programmes by turning them into brand advocates, Blogger meets & conferences, video editorials, customized expert content & social influencer engagement programmes.

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Special thanks to Mr. Vishal Gupta for his inputs.

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