Kintyish by Himanshi Mukhija

Written By Ipsa Arora 27/11/2015
Kintyish by Himanshi Mukhija
Kintyish by Himanshi Mukhija
Himanshi Mukhija is in the pre-final trimester of her MBA. Having recently awarded Certificate of Excellence by Ms. Sonali Dhawan (Marketing Director, Proctor & Gamble, India) for being Top Performer in a marketing program by Ambi Pur, she proves to excel both in academics as well as extracurricular activities. Her real talent and passion resides in fashion and styling which has taken form on her blog.

Himanshi is the Art Director and Fashion Blogger at, which is her platform to reach out to thousands of readers and share her style ideas. She shares her love for clothes, designs and stories of her personal style and fashion. “I’m happy to share stories behind my styling or designs that inspire me. It’s a platform where creativity is the foundation. Why not spread the love?” she says.

The story behind the name ‘kintyish’ is as interesting as the styling posts and design tales posted there.“It has been derived from the name my parents call me with – “Kinty”. I use the word as an adjective quite often (ex: Stay Kintyish) as this depicts the taste of style I have developed over the time i.e. my personal style,” she says.

Not only this, she has a section on her blog called ‘Self designed section’ which caters to the ‘Art’ dimension. She has been designing her own clothes for a long time now and loves to share stories of each and every creation of hers.

She also likes to create other things, be it a pair of shoes or a new wardrobe design. She has also been named among Top 10 of ‘Art-of-Reuse’ contest by Hidesign, a leather goods manufacturing giant.​​
Apart from this, she is a beautiful singer and loves to play dumb charades and loves to talk too. So next time we bump into you Himanshi, we will be all ears for more kintyish stories!
Source: kintyish blog 
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Special thanks to Himanshi Mukhija for her inputs. 

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