I'm lovin it! Are you?

Written By Ipsa Arora 24/04/2015
In a world where everybody is cling to their phones, tablets and laptops, Mc Donald’s talks about kuch pal offline in its latest commercial. In a move to promote its sharing packs, Mc Donald’s has come out to express the need of the hour to share. It makes us pause for a while to realise the difference between real and virtual world and also how important is spending time with friends rather than on social media websites.

​It also portrays beautifully that although virtually, things appeal to us but in reality, we are able to experience things with a better feel.

On one hand, where mobile phone network companies are promoting their brands by showcasing more and more advanced internet features, Mc Donald’s has taken a U turn. It is trying to motivate people to come off the internet for at least a while and appreciate the surroundings- the people, the moments and life. It surely is strange in today’s internet dependent world, but it is their unique way of advertising and also giving us a lovely lesson enveloped in its ad.
It subtly gives us a message that life is short and we should celebrate each and every moment by sharing and caring. What message our older generation has failed to place in our hearts, Mc Donald’s cutely settles it in our minds.

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