I hope this finds you

Written By Samica Mehta 10/06/2017
I close my eyes putting my most beautiful dream of watching you sleep to an end,
I hold you, because I can, and let my body whisper, 
"You make self-love look so easy and beautiful."
You gave a face to my future and my dreams, 
you gave my direction a path, 
my calls of hope a voice to reach, 
my eyes a sight to see. 

"You've got sad eyes with a hint of braveness," - is all she said, 
that moment changed my life.
I still think I just needed to be kissed or hugged, or talked to about ordinary dreams, failures, about bridges and red rare bushes, about souls and personalities - broken personalities - and how they are fixable. How sadness isn't here to stay but it might take a while. How some days you need to be on your own and just make it to the end of the day or cry it all out on your own because friends aren't always there beside you. I just feel so deeply for everything and I'm not sure if there's anything scarier than that because this is life. It's cold and harsh with cracks of warmth and softness.
I slept. I dreamed of words. Can you mend me?

I hope this finds you is the question of all the answers you've been searching all your life.

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