How brands celebrated Diwali #BrandsWaliDiwali

Written By Ipsa Arora 01/11/2016
Diwali is the festival of lights, joy and togetherness. Diwali is that occasion of the year when special arrangements are done to celebrate this special day. New clothes are stitched, houses are cleaned and a large number of gifts are bought for friends and relatives. In this busy and advanced life, we are often left wondering as to what we should buy as gifts for our near and dear ones. Everybody has everything to fulfil their needs and there is no end to satisfying one’s wants.
Reliance Fresh
I can recall very few advertisements of Reliance Fresh but this one strikes a chord every time I see it. Somebody who leaves her family behind and is there for us at any point in the day when we need her, somebody who cooks for us, makes our home look shining and decorates it as if it was her own is our domestic help. We scold her, we pamper her but this beautiful advertisement celebrates her.
In such a case, our first step is to open up cupboards and take out all that was gifted to us last year but we did not feel like using. After rotating gifts among the givers and takers, we sit biting our nails and thinking of buying something delightful for our lovely people. To give wings to our palpitating thoughts flashes an advertisement on television making us jump with joy.
Chocolates, sweets, dry fruits and juices are some of the items bought fondly by us. To make our choices simpler and to help us in selecting the brand we would prefer, each brand comes up with a special advertising campaign for Diwali. Besides focussing on how their product would complete our Diwali celebration, they also portray the essence of Diwali by showcasing a touching story.
What I noticed in the different advertisements this Diwali season was that each one of them was trying to focus on one important sect of the society whom we otherwise ignore, our helpers. Few brands which succeeded in coming up with nice Diwali advertisements are discussed below.

HUL’s Surf Excel
Surf Excel has always won hearts with its advertising campaigns. This time too, it came up with #AbLagRahiDiwali campaign on television where little kids try to lighten and brighten the house of their laundry man. One thing I noticed in particular was that the kids addressed their laundry man as chacha, otherwise used to address a close relative only.​

Iss Diwali, Unbox Zindagi, a wonderful campaign by Snapdeal captures a lot of moments of joy and togetherness. A part of the advertisement shows a little child running towards his aged driver gifting him a cushion so that his back doesn’t hurt while he drives. This scene reflects concern that the child and his parents, who are standing in the balcony and watching, have for their driver. 
So should I conclude by saying that we as the gen-next of the society are trying to come closer to the people who give us so much and are trying to give them a better position in the society? Are we, by doing this, trying to reduce the power difference haunting our society? If yes, we surely have a long way to go!

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Coca Cola

Coca Cola had entered Indian market in 1970 and was the market leader for 7 years. In 1977, it had to exit the country because of changes in government policies. Coca-cola re-entered Indian market in 1993 and launched brands like- Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta.