Heartbreak in Progress

Written By Ipsa Arora 11/11/2015
Chitra Batra and Ritika Nandwani, denizens of city beautiful Chandigarh, are childhood buddies. Their passion and consistency to write brought them together over the idea of co-authoring a book. Their shared dream of story writing turned into reality when their debut novel ‘Heartbreak in Progress’ was released in May 2015. Both the authors are in their early twenties and have also been featured in HT City under Tricity’s young authors column. 

Heartbreak in Progress book review
Manya is a typical girl next door. She is a simple girl with big dreams, She is ambitious and wants to live her dreams but falls in the lure of love. It is love at first sight for her. Everything seems beautiful and nice until a storm comes and moves everything. This was just when things were seeming to get perfect. All this trouble lands her at crossroads of love, friendship and trust. In order to improve things, she takes an extreme step which may result as being brutal.
Love does drive a person crazy, but to what limits of craziness for Manya, read ‘Heartbreak in Progress’ to find out. Already selling successfully on Flipkart and Amazon.
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Source: HT City
Set in their hometown Chandigarh, Heartbreak in Progress has been published under the title of ‘Half Baked Beans’. The novel elegantly highlights Manya’s desire to be desired, to be loved and to be protected. It is a perfect blend of mixed emotions of boundless love, spicy conversations and crazy friendship.

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​To realise your dream and follow it requires courage not everyone can afford to gather quickly in life. But for Arpita Bahl, it was a call from her heart and a quick decision made. Arpita has always been an ardent reader and writer.
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