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Health and Fitness

  1. An open letter to Procter & Gamble
    Pain, cramps, excessive blood flow and so much more, I go through the same terrifying phase each month. There is no remedy to my pain but to keep myself clean and hygienic, I have the support and privilege of sanitary pads which make my life simpler and my periods a little smooth. Just recently I was pondering upon my pad’s name and the message it is trying to put across- whisper! Do I need to keep it under covers that I am on my periods or will it be a disgrace if it comes out in the open and hence, I only need to whisper about it?
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  1. Get fit at The Gym- Malviya Nagar
    The Gym has come up with their fitness center in Malviya Nagar recently and aim to spread the culture of staying fit. With already present 25 branches in the country, The Gym aims to create the same charm and spread the same enthusiasm it has been spreading among its customers since so many years.
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