Get fit at The Gym- Malviya Nagar

Written By Ipsa Arora 15/03/2016
According to scientists, exercising provides health benefits and boosts brain functions. To maintain a regular routine for exercising and keeping fit, gym is the most favourite and suitable option for people. In this fast paced world, where people are struggling to balance their work and life, setting a routine for all activities is the right choice. Going to the gym can help improve your cardiovascular health, build your muscles and keep you in good shape.

They keep coming up with special offers to delight their customers. On Women’s day, they were offering a special package to women at Rs. 5000 for 5 months. Women could avail this fantastic offer till 14th March 2016.

Otherwise also, they have listed their packages at affordable prices. Working out at The Gym will make you lose kilos and inches only, not money.
Besides this, they have special trainings like TRX, cross-fit, battle rope, vipers to name a few. They have experienced and well qualified instructors to guide the customers on each and every step.
They also offer special exercises like zumba, power yoga and bhangra aerobics which are not available in a lot of places. These exercises not only help you to stay fit but are fun to do and helps uplift your mood and energy too.
So next time you plan to visit The Gym, you know what to look out for!
The Gym has come up with their fitness center in Malviya Nagar recently and aim to spread the culture of staying fit. With already present 25 branches in the country, The Gym aims to create the same charm and spread the same enthusiasm it has been spreading among its customers since so many years.
The Gym at Malviya Nagar is designed and architected in a way to excite the customers and spread the zeal of staying happy and staying fit. To further build up on your zeal, The Gym has put up various quotes on their walls like “You are just one work out away from a good mood.” These quotes help motivate you to a better work out and create a positive mood in The Gym.
Address: D-84, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi- 110017
Contact no.: 011 4066 6668

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