Experiment with chai at Chaayos

Written By Ipsa Arora 20/03/2016
Besides, this chai has other benefits too like boosting up your immune system, easy digestion and is a great drink for weight loss. Having a great aroma, this chai is not only healthy but tasty too.
All major decisions in Indian homes have always been taken over a cup of chai. Serious discussions, heartfelt conversations or business meetings have never been complete without chai. But gradually the chai culture seemed to be evaporating with people shifting to westernised culture where bonding is done in coffee houses. 

In order to hold back our tradition and to prosper the heritage of chai addas, two young IIT graduates- Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma co-founded Chaayos in November 2012. They focus on serving “Meri Wali Chai” to its customers exactly according to their style and taste and believe in giving a superior customer experience.
They have 25 varieties of chai with 12 different flavours, giving their customers privilege of a whopping 12,000 number of ways to get their chai made at chaayos.
A lot of these flavours were discovered by their co-founder Nitin Saluja while experimenting. So they have rightly tagged Chaayos as ‘Experiments with chai’.
Chaayos, with its 22 running outlets has soon been able to imbibe a culture that invites people to hold business meetings, make important decisions or spend some time on the laptop with a cup of customised chai as an accompaniment.
They plan to expand to many more outlets in the near future before taking the chai cultures to foreign countries too.
The Chaayos stores are closed compact spaces with brilliant wall graphics and comfortable seating arrangements. They provide free WiFi in all their outlets. Music, they feel is a very important aspect of the store. Sticking to our culture and language, they prefer playing soothing Hindi music in their outlets which is soft enough to facilitate discussions among people.

Hari Mirchi chai- having the strong essence of hari mirchi, this chai can be a favourite for those who love spices. This chai can help you de-stress after a long day of work and energise you with a great and interesting flavour.
Rose cardamom chai- this red coloured chai has the perfect essence of rose with its aroma giving you a blissful pleasure. The taste of cardamom is just right to act as a herb to rejuvenate your body.
​​These and many more varieties of chai will give you a tealicious and healthy experience at Chaayos.

As an accompaniment, you may pick up from a huge list of snacks that they have to offer you- bun maska (the sophisticated version of our ghar ka bread butter, comes in different flavours like achari), vada pav, anda pav, keema pav being served in sides and a large number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches.​​
So, as rightly put by Chaayos team, “It is not as much about the chai, it is more about the experience of the chai.”

Next time you step in to Chaayos, experience your own style of chai and take yourself to the chai adda culture once again!

Some of the varieties of chai in store at Chaayos are- 
Honey ginger lemon chai- the perfect combination of the three ingredients, this chai gives a perfect essence to the taste buds and a healthy chai experience. 

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