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Budding Ventures

  1. Qlik Academic Program Expands in India
    Qlik®, a leader in data analytics, today announced the expansion of the Qlik Academic Program to cover 50 education institutions across 25 cities in India. The initiative will enable more Universities to improve the value of their offerings by teaching marketable data skills, and also help students advance their analytical and data literacy skills within every academic discipline.
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  1. Learn Venue: A one stop learning solution for all engineers
    Times are changing and so are we. While new career options pop up every other day, one thing that remains constant for a majority of Indians is that WE LOVE ENGINEERING! There are lakhs of aspirants who appear for the JEE every year, but only a handful of them are able to make it. However, the actual game starts after the course begins- so many subjects, innumerable notes and unknown topics.
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  1. Jugnoo - A rider's companion and much more!
    Back in small towns of Punjab or the places, we the college going kids turning adults call home; living and studying in Chandigarh has always been a fad! I remember my cousin who graduated from Panjab University saying that life is expensive in the world of the "City Beautiful". I always wondered that I would be living in the hostel so not much of expenses and hence I'll be able to save up a lot of money by the end of my graduation.
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  1. Navdeep Duggal Studios and school of photography
    In the world of 'Selfies' and 'Display Pictures', everybody loves to discover a model in them. Then why shy away from getting a good professional photo-shoot? This age and these moments won't come back and each one of them deserves celebration and preservation.
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  1. The Positive India- News can also be good
    We pick up the newspaper in the morning and find it full of news related to robberies, murders and the like. We switch on the television to know about the happenings in the world and again witness similar kind of negative news. Is this the only kind of news we need to be updated about? Is media only responsible for spreading sad news about the world?
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  1. Baby Chakra- Most reliable child care network in India
    BabyChakra is a platform that commands the trust of a large number of parents in India. This child care network promises the most healthy and happy mothers and kids by connecting child care services, experts and mothers.
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  1. mycity4kids- One stop solution for all mums!
    Mycity4kids is 'about your child, around your home'. It is a one stop online marketplace to cater to all information related to kids services. Be it schhol, sports, parties, play dates, they have a solution to all these needs of your child and many others. In an interview with Mr. Vishal Gupta, co-founder and MD, we get to know their idea behind shaping up of mycity4kids, their journey so far, their future plans and more.
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  1. Mythical India
    Our aim is to bring interesting nuggets of information on Indian history, culture, architecture, art, history and popular culture to the forefront. Being one of the richest cultures in world, India offers a slew of interesting facets. Our effort here is to bring those facets of Indian culture to the forefront in conversations.
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  1. Kintyish by Himanshi Mukhija
    Himanshi Mukhija is the Art Director and Fashion Blogger at kintyish.com, which is her platform to reach out to thousands of readers and share her style ideas. She shares her love for clothes, designs and stories of her personal style and fashion. The story behind the name ‘kintyish’ is as interesting as the styling posts and design tales posted there.
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  1. Hazel's Closet
    There is no appropriate age to become an entrepreneur. Some people spend their lives to establish themselves but some people like Aasma Pherwani make their own path in a very young age. From what started as a casual time pass, turned Aasma into an independent earning girl.
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