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  1. I hope this finds you- A book review
    "I close my eyes putting my most beautiful dream of watching you sleep to an end, I hold you, because I can, and let my body whisper, "You make self-love look so easy and beautiful." You gave a face to my future and my dreams, you gave my direction a path, my calls of hope a voice to reach, my eyes a sight to see. "You've got sad eyes with a hint of braveness," - is all she said, that moment changed my life.
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  1. Nil Battey Sannatta deserves a 100 battey 100
    An ambitious mother. An adamant and demotivated daughter. An inspiring story. Some movies go unnoticed by the masses and little do we get to know the beauty that’s hidden in them. One such movie released in April 2016 is Nil Battey Sannatta. Nil Battey Sannatta meaning good for nothing, is a story of a Xth standard girl Apeksha who is not willing to study or work hard because she feels she will eventually become a domestic help just like her mother Chanda.
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  1. Udta Punjab- But why?
    Nobody knew about the drug menace which is happening just few kilometres away from us in the state of Punjab, until the media started talking about the 94 cuts by the Censor Board in the movie Udta Punjab. Never before had any director gathered the courage to work on such a topic and never before had the authorities cancelled all but one cut and passed a movie full of abuse, full of gross and full of filth.
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  1. ताक धिना धिन - a fun learning for children
    Children are those innocent souls who grow up the way they are moulded. Right education and right learning is very important for them because what they learn during the early stages of their lives, they carry it with them their entire lives.
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  1. An open letter to Imtiaz Ali
    Tamasha knits a story within a story and a story within another. The movie teaches us not one but so many lessons of life which actually gives us goose bumps as the movie proceeds. I, personally could relate to each and every aspect of the movie. I am also sure that each person can relate to at least a few of them.
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  1. Heartbreak in Progress
    Chitra's and Ritika's shared dream of story writing turned into reality with the release of their debut novel in May 2015. Set in Chandigarh, the novel is a perfect blend of mixed emotions of boundless love, spicy conversations and crazy friendship.
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  1. Until the sun sets
    To realise your dream and follow it requires courage not everyone can afford to gather quickly in life. But for Arpita Bahl, it was a call from her heart and a quick decision made. Arpita has always been an ardent reader and writer. Her passion found direction when she decided to put her thoughts into words by penning down her first novel Until the sun sets.
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