Baby Chakra: Most Reliable Child Care Network in India

Written By Amritpal Singh 24/11/2016
BabyChakra is a platform that commands the trust of a large number of parents in India. This child care network promises the most healthy and happy mothers and kids by connecting child care services, experts and mothers.

BabyChakra, which has revolutionised the way parents access health care and educational services for kids, has won many awards. It has become a platform for arranging all kind of support and help, which new parents need to possess in one place.
The company has crossed many milestones. Today, it is the most active and largest community composed of young parents from India. It offers guidance and service of top experts in child care like paediatricians, nutritional consultants, etc.
The company has the biggest database of child care and maternity services along with their reviews. It also provides a most comprehensive collection of articles on developmental stages, recipes, and DIY tips.
The founders of the company include social entrepreneurs and industry professionals from leading organisations like NLSUI, Oxford, Harvard, JustDial, Zomato, McKinsey, etc. They have collaborated with each other to create a world-class product from India.

BabyChakra provides a database of services mainly in Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai. These services include Mom and Baby health, Fitness, Party planning, Fun and dining, maternity shopping, early learning, Childcare and Baby products and Nursery.

​BabyChakra is the fastest growing platform catering to parents seeking care for their family. One can discover all one needs being a parent: play school, day care, doctors, events, and many more. Here, one can connect with other parents and child care experts.

Those child care businesses that wish to feature on the site can follow these steps: Download the business app from Google Playstore for free. Next, create your online profile in 3 easy steps- include products and packages you wish to sell. In the third step, do actual selling. Chat with customers, who express interest in your product or services. Generate invoices and get paid. All this can be done on your mobile phone.

​BabyChakra is proud to feature a distinguished team of experts, as contributors and guides. They come highly recommended as they have helped a total of over 40,000 mothers in India as of date.
Baby Chakra
Their expertise covers wide areas such as wellness, health, education, and special needs of children.

The team of experts offering services on BabyChakra is diverse. They include obstetricians and gynaecologists, paediatricians, paediatric dentist, paediatric neurologist, early learning experts, Lactation consultants, mid-wives, educators for special needs), prenatal care consultants, prenatal and post-natal yoga experts, homeopaths, language and speech learning experts, autism activists, infertility specialists, travel specialists, birthing experts, stress counsellors and many more.
BabyChakra believes in providing the services for best support as a mother whether online or offline. It brings to mothers some super mom communities.
Criteria for picking top mom communities:
  • Non-judgmental quality
  • Great, supportive moderators
  • Topics relevant to mothers
  • Active communities

An example is the community- Mother’s Digest. This group is based on the belief that mother is the first school of the baby. She lays down the social, environmental, mental, and physical pillars of the baby’s growth. Using this group, mothers interact by discussing concerns and sharing experiences about parenting.
Other communities include groups like Baby Led weaning, Nourish and Nurture Gentle Parenting, Grooming Babies, Sunshine Kids and Moms, Flexi-work Options for Women, Kiducate, Raising Smart Kids and many more.
Author’s Bio:

Amritpal Singh is a paediatrician by training and is a member of the expert panel of BabyChakra-a website for child care and parenting.  She has over a decade of experience as a paediatrician. She contributes blogs to the BabyChakra website, which are well received.

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