An open letter to Procter & Gamble

Written By Ipsa Arora 07/09/2016
Dear P&G,
Pain, cramps, excessive blood flow and so much more, I go through the same terrifying phase each month. There is no remedy to my pain but to keep myself clean and hygienic, I have the support and privilege of sanitary pads which make my life simpler and my periods a little smooth. Just recently I was pondering upon my pad’s name and the message it is trying to put across- Whisper! Do I need to keep it under covers that I am on my periods or will it be a disgrace if it comes out in the open and hence, I only need to whisper about it?

It is my earnest request to you to change Whisper’s name! We go through our periods and there is no hush-hush about it! Whisper is definitely one of the best products in its category but why Whisper? This same product is called Always In USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Africa, Lines in Italy, Orkid in Turkey, Evax in Spain and Ausonia in Portugal. So why Whisper in India and other Asian countries? Give it a name which does not make us feel bad about our periods or bad about ourselves! We go through our periods and it is okay. It is something natural and we all know it, so why not accept it with grace!  
Every woman has periods, 5 days, every month for nearly 35 years of her life and we do need a pad each moment to make our lives simpler. At the time of launch of your product, you must have felt the need to give it a secretive name in Asian countries maybe because you felt people here are more cautious in talking about such topics openly or such topics are a taboo here.

But, I felt the need to remind you that we are growing and so are our ideologies. We are trying to fight the taboos and you, with your small act can help us move a step ahead.
Whisper’s tagline in its advertisements is ‘Kadam badhaye ja’ (move forward) but it is ironical to its name. If you really want women to move forward in life despite all hurdles, it is you who can help them take another step forward.
I am a user of your product and there are a million others too in my country India and we will continue using it till it gives us ‘A happy period’!
No hush-hush please!

Warm Regards!

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