About Us
We started brandedgupshup.com in November 2015 with the aim of helping businesses grow. Brandedgupshup.com is an innovative hub for services starting from establishing an identity for a budding business to creating a buzz of it around the world.

Every brand has a story to tell! Be it their advertisements, their marketing or even their packaging- there is a deep meaning behind each one of them! Uncovering each story teaches us a new lesson in the world of businesses and brands. 
Every business, be it small or large, has a story, a USP, some successes and some failures. Be it a lavish boutique, a classy photo studio or even a small pan shop, every business is unique in its own way and each one of them has a lot to share! 
We are here to provide these businesses the needed buzz and help them showcase themselves to the world. We create unique spaces for businesses in the form of websites or on social media platforms. Besides this, we create striking graphics to give them a unique and gracious personality. We also do marketing research for businesses providing them the best marketing solutions. Further, we provide unique marketing ideas to businesses suited specifically to their needs. On our website's blog, we gupshup about businesses in the form of stories on our platform.

If you have a business, let the world know about you; if you are a writer, share your gupshup stories to get featured; if you are a reader, pick up your coffee mugs and get on the gupshup ride with us!